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Brookside HOA – A New Chapter

Brookside HOA – A New Chapter

For 28 of the last 38 years, our HOA has benefitted from the volunteer leadership of two longtime Brookside residents – Owen Smith, President (Brooksider since 1982) and Sandy Boeck, Secretary (Brooksider since 1973).  For nearly 30 years, they and others have volunteered countless hours working to protect the integrity of our community, which includes meeting with City leadership, chairing meetings, distributing information and supporting neighbors. In the process, they have selflessly endeavored to make Brookside the neighborhood it is today.

After almost 60 years of combined service, Owen and Sandy have decided to step down and an opportunity has arisen for new Brooksiders to take their places.  Knowing their desire to seek new leadership, Treasurer Heather MacPherson and Vice President Sherrie Gillespie, will also step down so that a newly elected group of officers may enjoy a fresh start.

The most transparent way for this to happen is to have an open election that will give every Brookside resident the opportunity to participate in selecting these new members. The new Board will consist of five members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Communications Director. The new Board will have the support of the current Board to help through the transition, and the new Board will have the responsibility to establish a more formal set of Objectives, Mission and Charter to serve the community.

If you or anyone you know feels that you would like to be part of the New Brookside Leadership and run for the Board, please submit your name, address and short biography (including how long you’ve lived in Brookside) to Sandy Boeck ( by July 15, 2016.  Candidate names and bios will be sent to the community after the July 15 deadline so everyone in the community will know who is running and you can then support the candidate of your choice. In early August we will arrange several public forums where candidates can share with the Brookside community their reasons for wanting to serve on the HOA. Elections will be held by in early September.

Brookside is a jewel in the LA neighborhood system, built on the wonderful volunteer spirit of our residents, and now we must carry on that great tradition.  We invite you to join the effort to ensure this neighborhood continues to flourish and prosper!


The Brookside HOA
Microsoft PowerPoint - HOA Election 2016 poster.pptx HOA Election 2016 poster

Brookside ICO Status

Brookside ICO Status

Below is an e-mail from Julia Duncan, Planning Deputy in Councilman Ryu’s office, regarding the status of the Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) for Brookside.

From: Julia Duncan <>
Date: Fri, Jun 24, 2016 at 3:18 PM
Subject: ICOs ARE HERE and in PLUM!


The time has finally come and we are so excited to announce the our long awaited ICOs will be heard in the Planning Land Use and Management Committee on Tuesday June 28th. Information on the hearing location is below, as well as a link to the agenda. The following day, Wednesday, June 29, the item will be heard in City Council, which begins at 10 am in City Council Chambers at City Hall. We hope you can attend to support the ICOs. Please let me know if you have any questions and disseminate this information to your neighbors.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016




(Sharon Dickinson – Legislative Assistant – (213)-978-1074 or email

ITEM NO. (11) :16-0735

CD 4,10:

Negative Declaration and reports from the Department of City Planning and the City Attorney relative to a draft Interim Control Ordinance to establish the temporary regulations to address the proliferation of large, out-of-scale homes in five neighborhood areas of the City consisting of: Brookside; Sherman Oaks; Sycamore Square; Picfair Village; and Wilshire Vista, in Council Districts Four and Ten.

Fiscal Impact Statement:  No.

Community Impact Statement:  None submitted.



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Concerns expressed by several Neighborhood Councils about the latest revised BMO proposal

Concerns expressed by several Neighborhood Councils about the latest revised BMO proposal

Concerns expressed by several Neighborhood Councils about the latest revised BMO proposal:

  • The city’s Baseline Mansionization Ordinance and Baseline Hillside Ordinance (BMO/BHO) failed because they contained too many bonus and exemption loopholes.       Despite the adoption of these ordinances, mansionization has relentlessly continued to ruin neighborhoods over the entire city. In this legislative round City Planning therefore needs to draft the new amendments correctly. This means removing all old and new loopholes that promote the construction of McMansions. If the proposed ordinance fails to do this, it will be the sixth bogus attempt to stop mansionization by green lighting over-sized houses through a host of loopholes that undermine the City Council’s intention. 
  • Mansionization eliminates affordable housing in LA’s single-family neighborhoods. As a result, it contributes to the housing crisis that most Angelenos, including elected officials, are painfully aware of. The mansionizers target smaller, affordable houses for demolition.       They then quickly and cheaply replace them with McMansions that are, on average, three times the size and price of these smaller, energy-efficient demolished homes.       These investors and contractors are now eliminating about 2000 such affordable houses per year, and this loss of affordable homes will continue until it is finally stopped through an effective mansionization ordinance, not another phony one. 

Read More Read More

The Baseline Mansionization Ordinance

The Baseline Mansionization Ordinance

The Baseline Mansionization Ordinance was originally enacted to help curb development in some neighborhoods but also restrict the ways that some homeowners can remodel or expand their homes.  A few months ago the City’s Planning and Land Use Management department (PLUM) released a new draft of the BMO, changing the way building size and floor area are calculated, and eliminating certain kinds of floor area bonuses that were included in the original ordinance.

Latest proposed Baseline Mansionization Ordinance (BMO) being considered by the Los Angeles City Council: bmo_bho_revised

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