Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Welcome to Brooksider.net! We want all visitors to have a safe, informative and friendly experience that brings our neighborhood closer together. Accordingly, all users of Brooksider.net and any contributions they make to this site must comply with our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. These describe your rights and responsibilities in your use of the Brooksider.net website, both as a visitor and as a registered Brooksider.net member. Your use of Brooksider.net implies that you accept and agree to abide by the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.


Anyone is welcome to use Brooksider.net. However, to post comments, you must be a resident of Brookside and register with Brooksider.net. You must use your real name and provide an accurate Brookside address. Providing false registration information could result in cancellation of your membership privileges.

Any opinions expressed in comments posted on Brooksider.net are not necessarily the opinions of Brooksider.net or the Brookside HOA. Members and Visitors understand that by using Brooksider.net, they may be exposed to opinions they disagree with.

Brooksider.net reserves the right to monitor all activity and content associated with this site, and to review and approve all posts and comments, as well as edit and/or remove posts and comments that do not demonstrate a generally accepted high standard of civility, honesty, and decorum.


We’re all neighbors living in the same community, so behave yourself. Posts that use offensive language and/or single out individuals or companies with ad hominem comments or spurious accusations will not be tolerated.

Any member who makes posts that do not demonstrate a generally accepted high standard of civility, honesty, and decorum may be subject to penalties that include, but are not limited to, warnings, refusal to post, or removal of any materials on the site; and/or denial, restriction, suspension, or termination of your access to any or all part(s) of Brooksider.net.


Brooksider.net does not share your personal information with any Third Parties for any purpose. Personal information of members is used exclusively by Brooksider.net for the sole purpose of communicating neighborhood information as requested by each member individually upon registration.